Employment Protocol Process

T: (334)230-9676
  • Review WMP website for available career opportunities.
  • In order to receive consideration for employment, an applicant’s current resume along with a letter of interest must be submitted to info@wmp.com.
  • If an interested candidate’s qualifications match open and available positions, a WMP Application for Employment will be submitted to the applicant.
  • Once an employment application has been completed and reviewed by WMP personnel, and a candidate has successfully matriculated through the initial vetting protocols, a formal interview will be scheduled.
  • If the applicant successfully progresses to the next employment phase, WMP requires all candidates to complete an Employment Candidate for Consent to Background Search and Investigation form.
  • If the interview and background investigation results in a position offer, the candidate will receive a formal part or full-time employment offer letter replete with salary/compensation structure, employee benefits, and other terms for employment with the organization.
  • After offer acceptance, HR personnel will schedule an orientation session for the successful candidate on or about the first official date of work.
  • Upon employment with the company, a detailed packet of employment benefits, a WMP Code of Standard Business Conduct, and other pertinent employment materials will be provide.